2008 Canning Journal


Recipes from:
Ball Blue Book (BBB)
Chez Panisse Fruits, Alice Waters (CPF)
Creative Pickling at Home (CPH)
Farm Journal Freezing & Canning Cookbook (FJ)
Food Lovers’ Guide To Canning (FLG)
Joy of Pickling, Linda Ziedrich (JOP)
Mes Confitures, Christine Ferber (MC)
Small-Batch Preserving, Ellie Topp & Margaret Howard (SBP)
Blue Ribbon Preserves (BRP)


Pineapple, spiced & pickled (SBP): 7 pints (really good – made 2nd batch) *1
Pineapple, plain, in very light syrup: 3 quarts, 3 pints
Pineapple preserves with Rosemary and Vanilla (MC): 5 jelly jars (amazing!) *2


Rhubarb, diced and frozen: 2 lbs
Rhubarb Preserves: 1 jar (eaten right away)

Black Currant jelly (MC): 3 jelly jars, 3 mini jelly jars (textured, more like jam ) *1 mini
Black Currants, dried: 3 pints
Blueberries, frozen: 6 cups
Cherries, Bing, pitted and frozen: 5 lbs
Cherries in brandy(CPF): 1 quart (added a splash of maraschino liqueur)
Cherries, Pie, frozen with sugar (FJ): 6 cups (2 pies)
Cherries, Pie, as Maraschino Cherries (mixed recipes): 5 half-pint jars
Green Beans, steamed and frozen: 4 cups
Loganberries, frozen: 4 cups
Raspberry-Framboise preserves, seedless (SBP): 4 half-pints
Raspberry-Framboise preserves (SBP): 7 half-pints *2
Raspberry Syrup, from seeds and pulp (CPF): 1.5 pints
Strawberry Jam, plain: 6 half-pints (recipe from pectin packet – has sugar crystals) *1
Strawberry Jam, with alpine strawberries: 2 mini jelly jars
Strawberry Jam, with creme de cassis liqueur: 3 mini jelly jars *1
Strawberry Jam, with elderflower liqueur: 1 jelly jar, 2 mini jelly jars
Strawberry Jam, with Grand Marnier: 3 mini jelly jars
Strawberry Jam, with sherry: 2 mini jelly jars
Zucchini, diced, steamed and frozen: 7 lbs
Zucchini, Barbecue relish (no celery, part brown sugar) (SBP): 5 half-pints


Apricots, dried: about a dozen (too tart, but maybe good in recipes)
Apricots, brandied (BRP): 10 pints
Apricots, glacé: about 30 halves
Apricot Jelly: 7 jelly jars *2
Apricot Nectar: 7 pints (yummy!!)
Beans, Yellow Wax, dilly (BBB): 2 pints
Beans, Yellow and Green, for 3 Bean Salad (BBB): 3 pints (beans were tough; recipe tastes right)
Blueberries, frozen: 8 cups
Fig Jam with Ruby Port (BBB): 4 jelly jars *3, 4 mini jelly jars *1
Onions, Ciponllini, in Balsamic Vinegar (CPH): 5 half-pints, 1 pint *1
Peaches, sliced and Frozen: about 12 cups
Peaches, sliced in purée, frozen (FJ): about 10 cups
Peaches, canned in sugar and juice: 2 quarts
Peaches, brandied (BBB): 4 pints
Peaches, in Grand Marnier: 2 pints
Peaches, in Ruby Port: 2 pints
Peach conserve (BRP): 5 half-pints *1
Pickles, Cucumber chips (BBB): 6 pints (3 with mustard seeds in jar)
Pickles, Old-Fashioned Bread & Butter (JOP): 4 pints
Pickles, Best-Ever B&B (FJ): 4 pints
Pickles, Curry slices (SBP/FJ): 5 pints *1
Pickles, Dill, spears (Urban Hennery): 4 quarts
Pickles, Quick Dills (BBB): 3 pints, 1 quart canned; 3 liters fresh/fridge (a favorite!; use less salt) *1
Pickles, Sweet Garlic Dills (SBP): 5 pints
Rhubarb Jam (MC): 4 half-pint jars, 1 BM jar *1
Rhubarb, diced and frozen: 6 one-pound bags
Tomatillos: 2 quarts


Apple Cider: 6 quarts
Applesauce: 5 quarts (pink)
Blackberry Jelly: (juice frozen for later – too busy!!)
Blackberry syrup: 5 pints (made from pulp from jelly)
Carrots, pickled (BRP) – 2 hot (1/2L tulip jar), 3 plain, 2 dill (large jelly jars)
Corn, blanched and frozen: 6 packages of 3 servings
Crabapple-rosehip jelly: 4 half-pints
Eggplant, frozen: 4 quart bags sliced, 1 pint diced
Fig Jam with Ruby Port (BBB): (batch 2) 5 large jelly jars, 2 small deco jars
Goat cheese tarts, pre-baked and frozen: 1 fig, 2 plum, 1 mixed cherry tomato
Green beans, flat Italian, chopped and frozen: 4 bags, about 3/4 cup each
Ground Cherry jam: 4 half-pints *4, 2 Weck jelly jars
Huckleberries, frozen:
Nectarine Plum Jam (BBB): 9 half-pints *3
Peaches, in sugar (no syrup) (BBB): 2 quarts, 1 pint
Pears, medium syrup: 4 quarts
Pear-sauce: 9 pints
Pear Butter (BBB): 8 half-pints *2
Peppers, banana, pickled: 3 mini jelly jars
Peppers, chiles, roasted, peeled & frozen: 10 bags green, 3 bags red
Peppers, poblano, roasted, peeled & frozen: 3 bags whole, 3 bags for dicing
Pesto, frozen: 2 cups
Plums, Italian, halved and frozen: 5 quarts
Plum Sauce (SBP): 5 pints (really yummy; this was 4 batches, sieved, and canned together) *1
Reines Claudes (Greengage Plums), whole, frozen: 1 gallon
Reines Claudes, halves, frozen in port syrup: 2 quarts
Reines Claudes , whole in port syrup (BBB): 3 wire-bail French half-liter jars
Reine Claude Jam: 5 half-pints *1, 1 mini jelly jar *1
Reine Claude Jam with Vanilla & Mead: 2 large tulip jars, 2 small tulip, 1 half-pint *1
Tomatoes, cherry, dried: 4 pounds (1.25 quarts dry)
Tomatoes, cherry, roasted: 2 pounds (WOW!  Do them all this way next year)
Tomatoes, yellow cherry, confit, frozen: about 8 cups
Tomatoes, diced: 4 pints (a little skimpy)
Tomato Ketchup (BBB): 4 half-pints (a little heavy on the spices, not tomato-y enough)
Tomato Sauce: 10 pints (9 from our own tomatoes!), 3 pints yellow-green, 1 quart, 1 pint black


Apple Butter, crockpot: 4 half-pints
Applesauce: 5 quarts (pink)
Cabbage, steamed & frozen: 6 cups
Chantrelle Mushrooms, sautéed and frozen: 4 1/2 pounds
Glace de Viande: 32 2″x2″ squares
Green Tomato & Lemon Marmalade: 7 half-pints
Green Tomato pickles, sweet: 6 pints
Green Tomatoes, sliced, frozen: 6 bags
Strawberry Topping (BRP): 14 half-pint jars *1
Tomatillos, roasted: 2 quarts
Tropical Topping (BRP – modified): 14 half-pint jars *1


Quince Butter: 6 jelly jars
Quince Cordial: 2 large jelly jars (12-oz)
Quince Jelly: 8 jelly jars *2, 5 Weck jelly jars
Quince Paste, cut and rolled in sugar: about 4 cups
Quince, poached and sliced: 4 pints
Quince Spoon Sweets: 2 large Weck jars *1, 2 Weck Jelly Jars, 2 half-pint jars *1


Citrus Marmalade:  3 half-pints
Grenadine: 4 cups
Lemons, Preserved in salt: about 7
Lemon Curd:

*Amount given as gifts

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