2009 Canning Journal

Recipes from:
Ball Blue Book (BBB)
Chez Panisse Fruits, Alice Waters (CPF)
Creative Pickling at Home (CPH)
Farm Journal Freezing & Canning Cookbook (FJ)
Food Lovers’ Guide To Canning (FLG)
Joy of Pickling, Linda Ziedrich (JOP)
Mes Confitures, Christine Ferber (MC)
Small-Batch Preserving, Ellie Topp & Margaret Howard (SBP)
Blue Ribbon Preserves (BRP)

*Amount given as gifts


Mushrooms – Oyster, 4 pounds sauteed & frozen


Blueberries, 2 pounds frozen
Broccoli, 6 cups frozen
Cherries – Bing, 2 pounds frozen
Raspberries, 1 pint frozen
Strawberries, 12 pints frozen


Green beans, 2 pounds frozen
Peas, frozen
Raspberries, 1 pint frozen


Best Bread and Butter slices (FJ), 8 pints, 3 quarts
Cauliflower, frozen, 2 heads
Curry slices (SBP/FJ), 10 pints
Dilly beans (BBB), 3 pints wax beans
Garlicky kosher dills, (SBP + extra garlic), 2 pints
Giardiniera (BBB hot pickles, – peppers + dill), 4 pints and 8 half-pints (Perfect!) *1
Lemon Pickles (SBP + dill), 7 pints
Rhubarb, frozen, 18 pounds
Romano beans, frozen, 1 pound


Applesauce, pink, 4 quarts, 8 pints
Cauliflower, pickled (Giardiniera – other veggies), 1 quart
Giardiniera (BBB hot pickles, – peppers + dill), 10 quarts
Pear Butter (BBB),
Caramel Pear Butter with Rum (Epicurious.com), 8 pints (mixed jars)
Pear Mincemeat (BBB), 5 pints
Pear Sauce, 1 quart, 7 pints

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